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Google+ makes sharing on the web more like sharing in real life.

col-circles-3.jpg coloricon-small-circles-d1dbb140a2b82be3b9abe5e1e795f622.png Circles
An easy way to share some things with college buddies, others with your parents, and almost nothing with your boss. Just like in real life.
col-hangouts-bc1ec7b54e24eced15233123cb8c6526.png coloricon-small-hangouts-7e1ab2d0e0a4655e34dcba8542d845e4.png Hangouts
Conversations are better face-to-face. Join a video hangout from your computer or mobile phone to catch up, watch YouTube videos together, or swap stories with up to 9 of your friends at once.
col-mobile-1.jpg coloricon-small-gplus-d6514318107b362aa5eee795b6155efc.png Mobile
Lightning-fast group chat. Photos that upload themselves. A bird’s-eye view of what’s happening nearby. We built Google+ with mobile in mind.
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