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I know you’ve been waiting for an update on what’s in store, so here it is!  Brand new cuff bangles and an old favorite that sells out every time I restock.  They’ll be online soon, but you can still order via email or by using the contact form.465786 4356354r3 B006065a B001801B B004070a

Rings are all the rage and these are some beauties!  They’re all sterling silver.

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New sterling silver earrings are also in stock.  Whether you like dangles or posts, there’s a sweet treat for you!

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Gift givers, be sure to request a Discount Card which is good for an entire year!  Save 10%, 15% or 20% by purchasing a card today.  Good on any purchase!  Order via my contact form, email or online at http://www.thejewelryladystore.com!

Until next time, love your shine and love to shine ladies!