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Yeah, I know…it’s still winter.  But it’s the perfect time to go through last year’s wardrobe and purge, prune and prep for this spring!  Styles change, tastes change.  So be sure your style reflects your current taste.  Here are a few tips!

  1.  What didn’t you wear last year?   Get rid of anything that was a one hit wonder, not a reflection of you or just unused.  Hate to part with it?  Take one last super selfie with it & give it to a friend, loved one or stranger in need.  The space alone will thank you!
  2.  Since you’ve got all of your old jewelry out & have gotten rid of what you won’t wear this year, clean it.  Give your old pieces some new shine!  For silver, use a silver polishing cloth.  For your faux fashion pieces, break out the toothpaste and a soft toothbrush.  Need a step-by-step tutorial?  Click here.
  3. Store your pieces responsibly.  There’s no feeling like having the perfect outfit, makeup on and ready to put on your show stopper only to find it’s mangled, tangled or broken because of improper storage.  So make sure they’re stored properly.  Did you know that there’s different storage needs for different pieces?  If you need storage ideas, check these out.  There’s even a DIY you can try!
  4. Time to stock up!  Take note (or pictures) of the outfits you have that need jewelry.  Now browse www.thejewelryladystore.com for your next favorite items!  Need help?  Send me your pics and I’ll send you your own private, premier selection to choose from!  It’s FREE, so why wait?!

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