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Hi!  How are y’all?  I’m back with a Fall makeover!  And what better makeover than your accessories.  It’s time to freshen up what you love and ditch what you don’t.  Once you’ve separated the love it from the leave it, you need to display it!  Don’t waste time looking for your loveliest delights by hiding them in a drawer.  No, put them on display for all (or at least you) to see!  Then, when you walk into your boudoir, you can “shop” for what your heart desires without all the hullabaloo.

Need ideas?  Here’s some great ones to get you started.

Glasses & Goblets


Sometimes little pieces have a tendency to try to get away from you!  So why not store them somewhere you can see them and easily get to them?  Wine glasses, goblets, martini glasses and even champagne glasses are a cute & chic way to display!

Jars & Vases

20160911_163552Add a burlap bow for some country glam or some silky ribbon to add your personal flair!

Bowls & Plates

Nothing says chic like elevation.  This is just a clear glass plate atop a glass candle holder.  You can affix them together with hot glue or glass adhesive for extra stability.

Cups & Trays

 20160911_16413720160911_164420 20160911_164447

Paper Towel Holders

 Ok, this is awkward! I don’t have one!  But I was sitting around thinking how they would be great for stacking stretch bracelets and bangles, foldovers and wrap arounds.

gold-cuff-bracelet-side-blackmesh twist bracelet ssss-seashell-locket-bracelet

Jewelry Display Stands

This is my bread & butter!  Since I have a mini showroom in my office, I didn’t think it would be fair to myself not to have one in my closet!!  So here are some ideas of ways that you can make your own showroom too!

Try some earring stands.  No more one hit wonders (you know how you lost one and can’t find the other, lol).  20160911_16255820160911_16271020160911_16280320160911_16282520160911_16350820160911_171640Set up your special occasion outfit or your daily diva ootd complete with earrings, necklace and/or bracelets.  Don’t forget your handbags, polish and makeup honey!

 20160911_16423720160911_162758 20160911_162704img_20160801_072405img_20160801_073432  20160911_162738

I even separate items by metal, color or theme.  Here’s some fur for ya!    20160911_162846


And put those sweet finishing touches to make it your own.


DIY your own creation! (click here for a great tutorial!)

 I made this one a few years ago (along with several others) and I have absolutely no regrets!  It can hold almost 100 sets of earrings & bracelets between the bowl, the 2 levels and you can even put open bracelets around the rims, the edges and around the stem.


I hope you enjoyed this post.  Do you want more like it?  Just comment below!

Until next time,

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