My “Patented” Wardrobe Test

Whenever I go and speak to women or young ladies at our local Women’s Resource Center or other ladies’ groups at our local university, I always teach this Wardrobe Test.  It gives you a real perspective of what others see when you’re not looking.  If you take these steps, you’ll be much less likely to be embarrassed by a wardrobe malfunction!

To complete this test, you’ll need a full length mirror and a chair.

1.  Check for the sheerness of each garment to determine if you need a camisole, slip or tank.  Stand 1-2 feet away from the mirror.  Hold each garment in front of the mirror in front of your face.  Open it so you’re only looking through 1 layer.  If you can see yourself or even a silhouette of yourself, you’ll need another layer.

2.  Get completely dressed to go.  I mean clothing, hose, jewelry, shoes, etc.  You’ll do this again if you’re going to wear outerwear.

3.  Stand in front of a full length mirror.  Check front & back for visible undergarments, loose strings, tears, holes or anything that’s not appropriate for public view.  See if you can see your bra and/or its straps, hemline, panty line, runs in your hose, hanging slip, etc.

4.  While facing the mirror, bend at the waist.  Attempt to look down your own blouse in the mirror.  Whatever you can see, we can see!  If you are showing your cleavage, consider wearing a multi-layered necklace or a scarf as a coverup.

5.  While still bending at the waist, check for panty line by feeling your bottom.  If you can easily feel your panty line (on the sides or at the crotch seam), it’s visible.  Seamless panties, boy leg panties, thongs or hipsters can alleviate this problem.  You can also wear shape wear which will help as well.  Avoid lace panties with thin pants!  You’ll look like you have cottage cheese bottom! lol  Also, be sure your panties have a cotton crotch to allow “air down there”.

6.  Finally (still bending at the waist) reach behind yourself & check the split in your skirt.  Insert your finger into the split to understand what people can potentially see.  Keep in mind that when seated with legs crossed, your split can be revealing as well.

7.  Stand up, reach up high to the sky.  Reach around your waist to see if your top is still covering you or if your clothing rides up.  Twist at the waist and check again.

8.  Sit down & reach to your lower back.  Can you feel your bare skin or underwear?  If so, it’s visible to everyone.

9.  While seated in front of the mirror, put both feet on the floor & check your skirt length.  Cross your legs at the ankle & the knee & check again.  This is especially important if you’re wearing a skirt with split in the front.

10.  Squat to the floor (knees together if you’re in a skirt!) & face the mirror.  See what’s visible.  Check your back again for skin &/or underwear visibility.

If your outfit passes each step, you’re on your way to a day without wardrobe malfunctions!  Now be sure to carry a laundry pen in your purse to avoid those pesky stains at lunch…lol!!


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